Setting powders for foundation

You will need a loose, fine grade, matte setting powder to match your foundation. Avoid glitter ingredients as this will make your face look shiny in daylight. Remember the camera lens needs a focus point and you do not want this to be a shiny forehead, nose or chin. We are not great fans of mineral powders for this purpose because they are often coarse. Mineral powders are generally intended to replace foundation therefore the coarseness of the powder grains helps adherence to the skin. This makes it difficult to apply the mineral powder lightly over foundation so the skin may appear dull and sallow. Fine grade, loose powders are available in translucent colours which may suit fair complexions. Otherwise, try to match the powder colour exactly or as close as possible to your chosen foundation colour. Try to find a loose powder in a container with a screw on lid. This will make it easier to transport and the lid will be useful for application of the product. You may be lucky enough to find a separate cosmetic container designed for loose powder. A cosmetic compact with matching cake powder will also be useful for touch-ups during the day. Even if you plan to use a long lasting foundation, these powders are still needed to set the product and avoid shine.

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