Never drag the skin around your eyes – removing eye make-up

Young people often wear heavier makeup styles for evening events and this can be difficult to remove. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and must be treated gently. There is very little padding from underlying skin fat in this area compared to the rest of your face. Dragging the skin can stretch it, resulting in premature wrinkles. Find a good quality eye makeup remover that is compatible with the cosmetics you use. Cheaper eye makeup removers are often little more than detergent. An oil based remover will do a much better job of removing waterproof mascara and heavily pigmented cosmetics. There are makeup removal towels available but many of these are too rough for the delicate eye area. Here is a method for removing eye makeup. Take a round disposable make-up removal pad – these are quite inexpensive, sold in large packs and widely available. The pads are lined with cotton wool under a gauze covering. Dampen the pad slightly under the bathroom tap then place it on top of your hand. Using the palm of your other hand, press down to remove excess water. Add a few drops of eye makeup remover to the pad and carefully remove your makeup. If necessary prepare another damp pad and repeat the process. This method will be very gentle as the water helps to spread the product. It will also be more economical as your remover will last longer. As always, patch test any new products before you use them and take care to keep the remover and makeup out of your eyes.

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