Choose a waterproof (not smudge-proof) mascara for your wedding day. This will be an emotional day and you cannot predict the weather. The last thing you need is to have mascara streaming down your face and onto your beautiful clothes. You will need an eye make-up remover specifically designed to remove waterproof mascara and remember to test this prior to the day. If you have black eyelashes a black mascara will be fine. Otherwise choose a medium to dark brown depending on your colouring. The aim as always is to avoid make-up looking harsh in the daylight. Black mascara may work at night or in a night club but it will not be suitable in daylight unless your eyelashes are naturally black. Avoid dramatic mascaras that are thick or contain particles to give the illusion of length. Mascara colours such as blue or green will also look very strange in daylight. Similarly, save false eyelashes for evening events as they will not look natural during the day.

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