Can disposable make-up removal cleansing cloths replace your skincare routine?

There are many brands of disposable make-up removal cleansing cloths on the market but can these really replace your daily cleansing routine? These cloths are very convenient and can even cam remove long wearing foundation and heavy eye make-up. Some are marketed as both cleansing and skin toning cloths. The first problem is that it is difficult to know what the cloths have been impregnated with. If the product is strong enough to remove makeup quickly, what is it doing to the natural balance of your skin? Secondly, if the cloth includes a toning ingredient it is unlikely that the user will rinse their face after using it, leaving a residue on the skin. If the cloth is rough in texture (such as those marketed as exfoliation aids) it can drag the skin or damage the skin’s surface. More importantly, however, your skin needs to be massaged daily to preserve its healthy tone. This can only be achieved through the use of traditional cleansers. Think of this as a workout for your face – we will talk more on this subject in future posts. There is a place in our skincare routine for these cloths, particularly when travelling or staying overnight with friends or family. If the cloths are very soft and you are satisfied that the ingredients are gentle then by all means use them to remove make-up at night. However, always rinse the face and follow with a traditional cleanser. An inexpensive option is to buy soft, unscented baby wipes for sensitive skin. After all, if a product has been developed for a baby’s delicate skin we can reasonably assume that it is okay for our skin too. Experiment with different brands and only choose soft baby wipe cloths as some have a rough surface. When using a make-up removal cloth or baby wipe, test first on a small patch of skin to make sure you are not sensitive to the ingredients.

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