Luscious lips – lip enhancement technique


Young people often have an almost imperceptible white line around their lips. The reason for this is that their lips are at an optimal stage of development – full and plump with naturally occurring collagen and elastin. The blood supply gravitates to the fullness of the  lips and leaves a white line as the blood recedes. This youthful appearance to the lips can be enhanced or replicated with a simple make-up technique. Outline the lips with a lip pencil or liner that matches or coordinates with your lipstick. Draw this line in a fine or medium stroke. Using a lip brush, fine paintbrush or the sponge applicator of a liquid lipstick, work the lipstick colour into your lips inside the outline. Many people do not take the time to work the lipstick into their lips and wonder why their lipstick rubs off so quickly. It is worth the extra effort to achieve a beautiful result that should last for hours.  Place a tissue between your lips and press lips lightly together to blot off any excess. if necessary, touch up and/or apply another coat. Blot and touch up again if a second coat of lipstick is applied. Allow lipstick a minute or two to set. Take a fresh, clean lip brush or fine paintbrush and coat with concealer, crème eyeshadow or foundation. The colour you choose will depend on your complexion. Ivory, cream or light beige will work for those with fair to medium complexions. People with olive or deeper complexions will need to choose a colour that is a few shades lighter than their foundation. It is a matter of experimentation to find which colours will work best for this technique. Carefully paint a fine line outside the lip pencil outline previously applied. Gently pat (blend) into place with a cosmetic sponge, taking care not to remove the highlighting line you have drawn. Fine, loose cosmetic powder can then be used with a powder brush to set the lipstick and highlighting. The correct application of loose setting powder will be covered in a future post. Remember to check your lipstick application in various lighting settings as you may need to slightly change the colour of your highlighter. This subtle technique is perfect for looking your best in photographs.

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