Highlighting and shading powders and crèmes

Professional make-up application involves the use of  powders and / or crèmes to highlight features and to minimise features. We are all familiar with the use of blush to emphasise cheek bones however there are other more advanced techniques. For example, the appearance of  a wide nose can be minimised by subtle shading with a powder slightly darker than the foundation colour. A narrow nose can be made to look wider by subtle highlighting with a lighter colour. The darkness many people experience in the corner of their eyes can be minimised with a carefully blended spot of light coloured eyeshadow powder, crème or foundation. You will need to experiment to find the best colours to use for this purpose as this will depend on your complexion. White, ivory or beige may be suitable highlighter colours for fairer complexions while deeper colours will suit those with medium to dark complexions. Highlighters must be lighter than your foundation and shading must be darker. Subtlety is the key so the differentiation in shades should not be too extreme, especially in daylight. There are products specifically designed for highlighting and shading as well as a wide range of eyeshadow colours that can be used for this purpose.

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