More about foundation colours and choosing concealers

In the previous post we talked about why you should research and trial foundations before your wedding day. It is best not to leave this to a make-up artist as they often use a basic kit and you may not be happy with their foundations. Choosing the right foundation colour is important as a colour you wear at night may not work in harsh daylight. Some leading cosmetic companies offer colour matching services for foundations, concealers and setting powders. You can find these services at larger department stores. The wrong colour will look unnatural, especially in photographs. For example, if your skin is pale or porcelain in colour, a beige foundation will not work. Similarly if your complexion is darker in colour, your make-up will not look natural if the colour you choose is too light. Although beige may be the right colour for you, the most flattering shade will vary according to whether your skin has olive or pink undertones. Fortunately there are a wide range of foundation colours now available so take advantage of samples so that you can try the products out in different lighting. When you have decided on your foundation try to find a matching concealer. You may not think you need a concealer but you never know how your skin will react in the lead-up to your wedding. Stage make-up shops often stock wonderful concealers in a wide range of colours or the company you purchase your foundation from may have a matching concealer. Remember to test how the concealer reacts to the foundation in a variety of settings. Even if you are employing a make-up artist on your wedding day, you will also use the products on your honeymoon so your investment in the right products will not be lost.

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