Choosing colours for eyebrow pencils

There are a wide range of colours available in kohl pencils. In general, choose a shade that is slightly darker than the natural colour of your eyebrows. The darker shade will show up well in photographs and the effect will be subtle. Avoid black, even if your eyebrows are naturally black in colour. Black looks harsh in any lighting and it is best left for Gothic make-up styles. True black pencils should be buried in the bottom of the make-up case, or better still, thrown away. There are beautiful kohl colours available including brown/black, charcoal grey/black, dark brown, dark brown with red or orange highlights, medium brown and so on. You are only limited by your own imagination! Medium to dark grey or charcoal coloured pencils are an option for older brides. Pencil colours can also be mixed – for example, you could alternate strokes from a dark brown pencil with a red pencil and blend after application. Take the time to experiment with different colours until you are happy with the result.

For further information see previous post on eye and lip pencils.

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