Choosing a foundation

There are many types of foundation on the market such as liquid foundations with an oil or crème base, liquid foundations that are water based, mineral powders, liquid mineral foundations, wet and dry powder based foundations and so on. You will need to decide which will be suitable for your wedding make-up and this will require experimentation before the special day. Make-up for traditional weddings is often light in texture  and even slightly moist in appearance. Water based foundations are flattering without feeling heavy on the face however beware! Your wedding may take place on a warm day, causing facial perspiration, and the day is also likely to be emotional. Even if water based foundation is set with powder it is likely to run if in contact with perspiration, tears of happiness or raindrops. This may also apply to mineral or powder based foundations. Moisturisers, skin primers and facial antiperspirant may also react with the foundation, causing it to lose integrity on the face. So it is important to trial different foundations in different conditions and with other products you plan to wear on your skin. Many larger department stores can provide samples and often offer free make-up consultations. Choosing foundation colours will be covered soon in another post.

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