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We are setting up a Directory of resources for our followers. If you have a business related to weddings (such as wedding make-up and beauty services, wedding photography, wedding planning etc.), please email us via our contact form. We will then consider your request however only wedding-related businesses will be approved. We will need the following information to enter your business in our directory:

Contact Name and/or Business Name (if applicable)




Phone number and/or mobile number with international prefix (optional)

Email address

URL of your website (if applicable)

Social media links (optional)

Brief description of your services (no more than one sentence).

We will notify you of our decision and ask you to check the accuracy of your listing in the Directory. You are responsible for ensuring that any text you provide is accurate and is not responsible for inaccuracies in any listing. We will of course edit the listing if a request is made via your specified email address.

By submitting a request for inclusion in the Directory, you are giving your consent to your business details being published on Please be aware that your listing will be public and any details you provide will therefore be publicly available..

The listing will be free however if you have a website, please include a reciprocal link to this blog. This is not compulsory however it would be mutually beneficial as genuine backlinks are important for search engine rankings. You may place the reciprocal link anywhere on your website.

We will not bother you with unsolicited emails if you are listed on the Directory however from time to time we may contact you to check that your listing details are still current.

We will not respond to spam and all posts and comments are moderated before being posted in this forum.