Blending foundation & TV presenters

You probably already know about the importance of blending foundation into your jawline – but have you ever considered your hairline and even your ears? Take some time to watch television presenters, especially those from news and current affairs programs. When these presenters have hairstyles that leave their foreheads exposed, you will often notice a strange white line above their make-up and below their hairline. This is caused by the make-up artist failing to blend the foundation up and into the hairline. It is even more obvious because the foundation colour chosen is darker than usual to compensate for the lights. Digital technology intensifies the imperfect make-up application. Really, there is no excuse for this unless the make-up artist is inexperienced or lacks training in working with cameras and lighting. You will rarely see this in a movie as only the best make-up artists are used. We will talk more about foundation application later. In the meantime, when you apply your foundation with our favourite wedge-shaped sponge, take care to blend up and into the hairline, over your ears and into the jawline. There is no need to reload the sponge with foundation while you are doing this. Simply use the excess foundation that soaked into the sponge while you were applying the make-up over your face.

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