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Shaping eyebrows and fashion – beware!

In the sixties and seventies it became fashionable to have thin eyebrows. Some girls took this to the extreme and even shaved their eyebrows off, drawing the lines in with eye pencil. Mothers cried or yelled and told their teenage daughters that their eyebrows would never grow back. Of course many of the girls didn’t listen, but guess what? – their mothers were right! Two things are likely to happen as a result of extreme plucking of eyebrows – 1) the eyebrows won’t grow back and there may even be permanent bald spots; 2) the eyebrow hair will grow back even more profusely and you will find hairs growing where they never grew before. So, listen to your mothers and this applies to young men as well, as it is now fashionable for both sexes to shape their eyebrows. Following the fashion of thin eyebrows, Brooke Shields became the celebrity that many young women wished to emulate. Look her up when she was the celebrity of the day and check out her eyebrows. The point is that fashion is constantly changing and drastic changes to your appearance can make you feel unfashionable for the rest of your life. Eyebrow shaping is an art and there are actually prestigious awards for beauticians who can do this well. Templates for shaping eyebrows have also been developed by savvy entrepreneurs. If you want to have your eyebrows shaped, consult a professional at least the first time this is done. Ask to see examples of their work or speak to satisfied customers before they touch your eyebrows. Ask them to give you instructions for maintaining the shape yourself. If you are on a budget, research the topic on the internet before you even attempt to pluck your own eyebrows. Never pluck above the eyebrow or between the eyebrows. Only remove as few hairs as possible to tidy the area. Use an eyebrow brush to tidy your eyebrows before you even start and this may be all you need to do. If your eyebrows are really profuse you can make them look less thick by applying concealer or foundation lightly over the hairs at the bottom of the eyebrows. The effect will be subtle and look natural.  Some people lighten their eyebrows but, again, this is not recommended as the natural colour may never return. In the next article we will discuss the correct technique for applying eyebrow pencil as you may need to do this for your wedding photographs.

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